Video is now an essential part of any marketing or communications strategy. It can raise conversion rates, generate leads, build engagement with your brand and help customers make purchasing decisions. To help get your company noticed you need original and unique content.

It is widely accepted that the vast majority of viewers find live video content more engaging than pre-recorded, highlighting the need for brands and communicators to look to Live Streaming as a tool to communicate to their audiences. More attention is paid to content if it’s actually taking place at the same time they are viewing it, especially if there is the facility to interact. 

We have been live streaming for over 14  years and can stream video and/or audio content to all of the leading live video platforms including Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Periscope, Vimeo or an enterprise level platform of your choice. The ability to embrace live streaming has never been more straight forward.

A considerably wider participation level can be reached. Global audiences, viewing on any device: desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone can watch the transmission, making it universally accessible. 

From panel discussions to shareholder announcements or analyst presentations, we can extend your message to otherwise hard to reach markets.  Whether it’s pure video content to presentation material, we have solutions to stream very high quality live video and, for a conference style approach, allow your audience to see the slides and the accompanying speaker presentation together, mirroring a conference environment.


Immersive interactivity can be incorporated, with question submission and real-time response, or surveys and polls, the data from which is captured and formatted for easy analysis post-event, giving unparalleled insight into your viewers’ needs and requirements, generate leads and determine market trends.

We have produced global web broadcasts for clients such as  Channel 4, MTV and GSK, streaming to tens of thousands of people worldwide.  Our services assist you in cutting the cost of travel and extend your ability to communicate directly with a global audience.

Live video streaming services include:

  • Filming
  • Mixing multiple cameras
  • Encoding
  • Viewer interaction with presenters
  • Comment and question moderation
  • Real-time analytics and granular statistics post-event

Our in-house producers are available to help you create and / or manage your next digital content shoot. Whether targeted video content, AR (augmented reality) or a livestreamed event, let our friendly, experience staff make your next production a reality.

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